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It seems that Google finally did it – it created phones that many people want. Unfortunately, it is not a phone that many can get. And no, it’s not because of the price, the $600 Pixel 6 and the $900 Pixel 6 Pro are priced well.

But being available in less than a dozen of countries leaves out a lot of would-be buyers. Last week’s poll shows that many are in just that situation. Though considering how quickly the stock ran out, serving more markets might not have been feasible.

Putting aside the question of availability, 80% of the votes in the poll are positive. That’s a lot better than a typical Pixel launch – or most phone series, in fact. We’re working on a review of the Pixel 6 Pro, soon we will share our findings.

Weekly poll results: Pixel 6 duo well loved, but availability holds it back

It is exactly the Pro model that seems to be the more desirable of the two. A large part of that is the telephoto camera – some commenters report that they use it more than the ultrawide cam. Of course, the 50MP sensor in the main camera natively supports 2x zoom and Google spent years developing one of the best digital zoom algorithms around. We’ll let you know how that performs soon.

The Pro phone also has a 120Hz LTPO display, but we didn’t see many objections to the 90Hz display on the vanilla model. The Pro also has a slightly larger battery too, though that is again not a big deal.

You know what’s big? The phones. Even the Pixel 6 is fairly large with its 6.4” flat display and bezels that could have been slimmer. If Google offered a smaller model, say 6.1”, the fan response would have been even more positive.

That seems unlikely for this generation, so the best that we can hope for now is for Google to address its supply issues and maybe consider launching the Pixel 6 series in new markets.

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