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Motorola is expected to launch three new feature phones in the Indian market. The Moto 10, Moto 50, and Moto 70 have 1,750 mAh batteries, dual SIM support and a two-year replacement guarantee scheme.

Motorola to launch three new feature phones - Moto A10, A50, A70

The Moto A10 and Moto A50 both will come with an MT6261D chipset by Mediatek. They will also share a 1.8” color screen, as well as a torch, activated with a physical button. There is a micro SD card slot (up to 32GB) and a 3.5mm audio jack on top. The A10 has no camera whatsoever, while the A50 has one on the back.

The Moto A70 has a similar appearance, but the screen is bigger – 2.4”. Sources report the phone will have a Unisoc chipset on the inside, but the rest remains the same – one camera on the back, LED torch, wireless FM, call recording, etc.

Moto A10 Moto A50 Moto A70
Moto A10 • Moto A50 • Moto A70

The Moto A10 is expected to arrive in five Indian states for INR1,500 (about $20). The Moto A50 and Moto A70 will be under INR2,000 (about $25), but the final pricing and availability details will be unveiled once the devices are launched.


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