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You have to go back three years to find the last proper Motorola flagship. That makes the Motorola Edge+ a welcome return to form and one of the most exciting phones of 2020.

The company is feeling good about its chances too, pricing the Edge+ at €1,199/$999, which pins it against some of the best phones in the market. So what do you get for that considerable amount? Well the phone, naturally, a silicone case, 18W charger, USB-C cable and a pair of headphones ending on a 3.5mm connector (yes, the Edge+ has a headphone jack).

When put side by side with the Motorola Edge, the Edge+ looks identical from the front but its more premium nature is evident from the rear. The reflective rear panel with a somewhat matte finish somewhat resembles a dusty old mirror in a cool way.

Motorola Edge+ in for review

On the front the Motorola Edge+’ 6.7-inch OLED shines bright. It’s a 1080p unit with 90Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support, and it’s lovely to look at. The waterfall edges (or Endless Edge display as Motorola calls them) might take some time getting used to, but they are certainly an eye-catcher.

Motorola Edge+ on the left, Edge on the right Motorola Edge+ on the left, Edge on the right
Motorola Edge+ on the left, Edge on the right

The other differentiator between the Motorola Edge+ and the Edge is the camera setup. The Motorola Edge+ has a 108MP main camera, over the Edge’s 64MP, and a 3x telephoto in place of a 2x.

We’re well-familiar with the 108MP main snapper by now, having seen it in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. It’s a humongous 1/1.33″ images that churns out 27MP pixel-binned images. But you’ll have to wait for our full review for our full judgement on it.

Motorola Edge+ in for review

Then there’s the fact of the Motorola Edge+’ 5,000mAh battery. That’s a huge pack to make sure the phone runs all day (or even two) and we’re knee-deep in testing it. What is a bit disappointing is the only-18W charging, we’re starting to get used to crazy-high wattage numbers these days.

Motorola Edge+ in for review

The Motorola Edge+ makes a good first impression and it makes a lot of sense, when you look at its collective specs. But it will take more than that to convince us it’s worth the high asking price.

Fingers crossed then that it will put in a really impressive performance in our review as we’d love nothing more than another amazing flagship to push the technology forward. The review is already in progress so stay tuned!

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