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Providing answers to your questions is what we do here at GSMArena, serving you as detailed reviews as possible and including all the tests we can think of. But having a tech-savvy audience such as ours there’s always more stuff that you want to know. That’s why we are launching our new weekly feature – the GSMArena Q&A.

Whether you’ve got a burning question about a phone in our database or just want some more information about a device we’ve reviewed, this is the place to be.

We’ll try to answer as many question as possible at the end of each week. Those we feel are relevant to a larger number of people will naturally have higher priority.

Keep in mind that we won’t be answering any questions regarding local availability or pricing of devices – sorry, but there’s no way for us to know how much a certain phone costs in your country or which exact shops offer it.

We’ve compiled the first bunch of questions from emails we’ve received, but you can post your new ones using the form over here.

Anthony: Do you think it would be possible to add support for the different flavors of sat-nav to your feature searcher? I’m trying to track down which phones support both USB-C and Galileo and I’m having a difficult time of it and I thought maybe your excellent discovery tool would help.

You can use the free text field at the bottom of our Phone Finder to look up Galileo-supporting devices. Here’s a direct link to the results.

Kirito Leongszethai: Can you list down the phone list for the Nougat update please?

Once again the Phone Finder has the answer you are looking for – just select Android as OS and versions 7.0 and 7.1 Nougat. Here are the 70 most popular Nougat-getting phones in our database.

Manasvee Mittal: I wanted to compare Snapdragon 625 vs Exynos 7880 and wanted to know if there is a GSMArena database for benchmark results?

Yes, there is. You should head this way to find out how all the smartphones we’ve reviewed compare over Basemark OS II, which is a multi-core CPU test and Basemark X, which measures GPU power.

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