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The long-awaited Indian version of the popular PUBG Mobile game has finally arrived making a bunch of changes in order to comply with the Indian’s government’s requirements. The core mechanics and idea of the game remain untouched but there are several changes that make the gaming experience a lot different than the original game.

The most prominent one is the color of blood. It’s no longer red, it’s actually green by default and you can even change it to a different shade of green or yellow. Additionally, the kills are no longer kills. They are called “finishes”.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launches with changes, PUBG: New State gains momentum

A Gameplay Management System, which is basically a collection of informational pop-ups, has also been introduced. It constantly reminds you to limit screen time, keep a good posture, and stay healthy in general. Then there’s an audio prompt at the start of each game reminding you that this is just a game in case you start to blur the lines between reality and the game itself. We are not sure anyone experienced that, but okay.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launches with changes, PUBG: New State gains momentum

Additionally the team has implemented changes to the actual game. If you want the best possible connection during a game and lag-less experience, you can opt for a server that’s closer to you and can be done so through the settings menu.

Unfortunately, though, we have reports that not all players who have registered in India can download the game. Some people have already resorted to sideloading the APK. It looks like it’s a staged rollout.

Meanwhile, the newly announced title from the same studio, PUBG: New State, is gaining huge momentum. About 17 million people have already signed for the closed beta release. New State is set in the future, the year is 2051 and it’s supposed to bring super realistic graphics to mobile gaming as well as some advanced mechanics. The studio says that it’s the true successor to the original PC version of PUBG.

The new game is supposed to be widely available until the end of this year but no specific time frame has been given yet.

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