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We’ve heard conflicting reports on whether the iPhone 12 lineup will have 120 Hz screens. The consensus appears to be “no” and the reason cited by two different sources is a simple one – power draw (rather than supply issues).

According to Jon Prosser, Apple was faced with an “either-or” situation – add 5G (which is more power hungry than 4G) or add 120 Hz (which uses more power than 60 Hz). Adding both would have made the battery life too short.

The team at Cupertino picked 5G because it’s easier to market. Advertising faster Internet connectivity will resonate with consumers more than trying to sell them on the advantages of 120 Hz refresh rates.

Apple reportedly had to choose between 5G and 120Hz and it picked 5G Apple iPhone 12 Pro render (Image credit)

As 5G modems and OLED screens are bound to improve and become less power hungry, there’s a very good chance we’ll see both 5G and 120 Hz on the 2021 iPhones. But not this year.

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